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•  Claim My Tax provides a confidential and hassle-free service. Use our quick and easy online form to see if you could be eligible for a tax rebate. 

• We have 55 years of experience within the financial sector. With 10,000's claims won, we are one of the UK's leading tax rebate specialists.

• We are a family run company with great customer service at the heart of everything we do.

• Start your journey with us TODAY!


•  Claim My Tax provides a confidential and hassle-free service. Use our quick and easy online form to see if you could be eligible for a tax rebate. 

• We have 55 years of experience within the financial sector. With 10,000’s claims won, we are one of the UK’s leading tax rebate specialists.

• We are a family run company with great customer service at the heart of everything we do.

• Start your journey with us TODAY!

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First Step

Do I Qualify?

Since April 2016 have you been within any employment?

Ensure all information you have submitted is correct.

Home Working

The average working from home 2020/2021 claim is £312

Have you worked from home within the last 4 years?

Okay which years did you work from home?

Ensure all information you have submitted is correct.


1 in 3 Employees who wear a uniform for work are due a tax rebate.

Do you wear a uniform of any description or any protective clothing?

Okay which years did you wear a uniform?

Uniform can be anything with your company logo on.


Are you required to use your vehicle for work? Claim up to 45p for every mile you have travelled.

Do you use your own vehicle for work?





This cant include travelling to your main place of work.

Working Away

Staying away from home for work shouldn’t cost you, many people are not aware you can complete a tax rebate for this.

Do you stay away over night for work either in the UK Or Abroad?





You are allowed to claim an allowance per night that you are away from home.

Professional Services

If you buy Tools or have professional subscriptions to trade bodies you could be owed money.

Do you buy your own tools for work or pay professional subscriptions?

Year Item/Subscription Cost per Annum Options

This could be a monthly subscription or union fees.

Employment History

Please provide us with the relevant information below

History of employment. dont worry about exact dates we just require the month and the year of employment.
Employer Job Title Start Month Start Year End Month End Year Uniform/PPE Options

Ensure all information you have submitted is correct.

Your Claim

Great news from the information provided we can see a potential rebate, to get started please provide us with your details below:

By completing this form, you consent to Claim My Tax communicating with you regarding your enquiry via email, text message or phone. You have the right to withdraw consent at any time by contacting us. For full information on how we process personal data and all our contact details please refer to our Privacy Policy

Hold Tight While We Process Your Claims

Great News! You Qualify for a rebate!

You will be receiving a text message very shortly this will include a link to your documents.

You will need to click on the link and sign within the box.

We operate on a no-win, no-fee basis. Our fees are the greater of 35% (+VAT) or £25 (+VAT) of any refund received.

Our Services

Claim My Tax offers a wide range of tax rebate services.

Marriage Tax Allowance

If you’re married or in a civil partnership, you may be able to claim a rebate of up to £1,250 from the government thanks to the marriage tax allowance. It’s estimated that 2.4 million married couples in the UK could benefit from the tax break, it’s just that many of us still haven’t applied.

Working From Home Tax Rebate

If your employer requires you to work at home, you can – and always have been able to – claim for increased costs due to working from home, eg, heating and electricity. But apportioning extra costs such as heating and electricity is tough. So instead you can, in simple terms, claim a rate of £6 a week.  

Mileage Tax Allowance

HMRC allows you to claim tax relief on mileage travelled whilst on business duties. If you use your own car for any of the following • visiting clients
• travelling to different offices • travelling to temporary work sites • making collections or dropping off goods. Then you could be eligible to claim your tax back. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you use.

PPI Tax Rebate

In April 2016 the personal savings allowance was introduced which allows taxpayers to earn up to £1,000 a year tax-free on their savings which includes the statutory interest paid on PPI claims.
Most people who have paid tax on PPI pay-outs since then, are entitled to some money back.

Uniform Tax Allowance

Do you wear a uniform or protective clothing for work? Do you have to wash and maintain it yourself? You could be due a tax refund. We've helped thousands of works claim back Uniform Tax Allowance on a no win, no fee basis..

Professional Fees, Subscriptions & Tools Tax Rebate

Professional fees and subscriptions are allowable deductions if they are amounts you have to pay in order to carry on your profession. 

If you have to purchase tools for work use, and are not reimbursed by your employer, you should be eligible to claim tax relief on your purchases. This is known as a tool tax allowance and is claimed through your tax code.

Why Use claim my tax?

No Hidden Fees

Here at Claim My Tax we recognise that many people worry that using a tax rebate company means uncertainty about what they will pay. We promise that the price we say is the price you pay.

Customer Focused

Our main priority is the satisfaction of our customers. We constantly review our processes to ensure our customer's needs and preferences are met, this enables us to give customers the best possible experience.

Peace of Mind

At Claim My Tax we offer peace of mind and reliability with our services. We know when it comes to your money you want to be sure you are getting the best service possible. We do not ask for bank details until we have won your case.

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